I've said goodbye to mother and father and went on my way. I know I'll miss them, but I'll only be at my uncle's house for a few days. I still wish I remembered why I left to Churchhelm, it's like something inside of' me was forcing me to leave. I have a long way to go from London to Churchhelm, but if I go through The Wolfman's Forest I should get there in halftime. Mother was quite worried for me, but I'm not afraid. I've never really shown fear for any thing. I promised Father I'd write in this journal every chance I get so if I die on my travels they'll know what happened. I'm to set a camp and rest through the night so I could head to Churchhelm when the sun rises.


So I made it to Churchhelm today and Koli, the town trickster, tried to convince the townspeople to burn me at the stake. Luckily a man named Charles came to my aid. Apparently I'm the chosen, and this birthmark on my left-hand is a mark of Satan. The Archangel Michael instructed me, Charles and the demon hunter Tarrok to travel to Asia and bring back the horn of  Loki's weakest minion, Grunk. King Henry has agreed to lend us a ship to travel to the trade city of  Sīchóu zhī chéng. From there we will begin our search. The trip will take weeks, months even, but it is worth it to defeat Satan and free Michael.


I had lost my journal on the ship for about a month. I found it about to be through overboard with the trash. My parents must be worried sick, if they had not been told of my journey by King Henry. I hope this travel was worth it, lest Grunk be long gone by the time we reach Asia.


There was a heavy storm last night as we passed African land. Another one seems to be brewing now, and the ship should be stopping to resupply soon. I___________ A storm just nearly blew us over. I better take a break from this journal before I tear it to threads.


Ahh. It is nice to be on land once again. It is lastly safe to write in this blasted book again. The Chinese people keep rooms to a nice touch. Much better than the old stone huts they had us living in back in London. They probably have gone and dug me a grave by now.

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