As you know, Hell is the worst place on Earth. It contains demons, fire, torture and all that bloody crap. The only good thing about it is that if you get lucky seating, you get to see naked women fly around for 2 seconds every 4 months. 

However, nobody expected the fact that almost everyone went to hell. Unless if you are some grade-A person who does everything right no matter what (which we know you aren't) you're going to hell. 

This happened because St. Surbubia hated the fact that everyone did bad things and they kept going to heaven and causing havoc. So he convinced God to create an alternate realm. Unfortunately, he started getting grumpier and grumpier and decided to make anyone who made a mistake go to hell by hypnotizing God. This caused a population loss of Heaven and St. Surbubia considered this a good thing, as he could finally get some peace and quiet.

But this story isn't about St. Surbubia. This story is more about Fozicakliez, our hero who sucks at being a hero. He attempted to change everything, and then he failed at it. At least he found out something important though. Let the odd story begin.

Somewhere In The 20th Century...Edit

Fozicakilez was a strange boy. He always liked stuff about the supernatural and watching horrible anime dubs as a child. As he grew older, he became an engineer and created many products that were successful, but he barely got any credit. He then quit his job and became an animator. Right before finishing his first cartoon, he choked on a beer bong and died.

Exactly 6 minutes later, he went to Hell.

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